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Since 2006, we’ve helped to reduce staff turnover & improve CQC ratings for our customers.

Since 2006, we’ve helped to reduce staff turnover & improve CQC ratings for our customers.

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eLearning Statistic

eLearning Statistic

‘Click’ is the name of our eLearning System for Social Care Online Training. According to IBM, for every £1 invested in online training, a company gets £30 of increased productivity. Can you think of anything else that results in a 3000% return on investment?

‘Click’ Online Learning System – One Minute Demo

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Skills for Care

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Since 2006, Grey Matter Learning has worked tirelessly to be absolutely awesome – we’re delighted to achieve the Skills for Care recognition of Centre of Excellence, for our online and face-to-face programmes

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Improve Lives

Improve Lives Through Learning

Endorsed as a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence, our competence framework links assessment, learning and evidence. Our platform provides the following benefits. We’re a learntech company on a mission to improve lives through learning. Our goal is simple: to ensure that training is more than a test of memory or a sheep dip experience. We believe that learning is the foundation of everything.

  • Assessment & eLearning
  • Translatable into over 100 languages
  • Evidence of competence with observations
  • Adapts for desktop & mobile devices
  • Learning needs & management reporting
  • Bespoke eLearning/assessment service
  • Customer support
  • Online learning demo of Click, the online learning system for care certificates

Click Online Learning System – One Minute Demo

What Works

We Know What Works

Faced with “sheep-dip” training, staff lose interest, faith and trust in the organisations they work for. This also costs unnecessary time and money, especially for staff who already know what they’re doing.

So, wouldn’t it be better if you could assess the knowledge of your people, check their understanding and evidence them putting their skills into action? That way, only the learning to fill gaps is required and you have evidence of competence ready for inspection.

We call this: Know, Understand, Do… our learning methodology which is built in to Click, our online learning system, ultimately saving you time and money:-

  1. Know means Learning
  2. Understand means Assessment
  3. Do means Practice and Observation

You will need all of these three elements to maximise both your staff’s training and your organisation’s CQC evidence.

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